Humanitarian Application of L. Ron Hubbard Technology

L. Ron Hubbard’s technologies for drug rehabilitation and detoxification, criminal reform, learning, literacy and his common sense guide to better living—The Way to Happiness—have touched close to a billion lives in some 170 nations.

Just one example amongst many is Leeuwkop Prison—the notoriously ruthless maximum-security facility outside Johannesburg, South Africa. Following implementation of Criminon—the rehabilitation program based on L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthroughs in the field—cellblock violence was all but eliminated. In acknowledgment of the astonishing impact of Mr. Hubbard’s technology, Leeuwkop inmates presented him with the following award, inscribed in part: “You have brought hope to the lives of many. You have changed our South African prisons of pain and sorrow to places of hope and life.”

In yet another prison, equally astonishing results prompted Panama’s Chief of Internal Security to bestow an official recognition upon L. Ron Hubbard for “his helpful humanitarian work and functional spiritual technology which is helping every person in the custody of the Centro Femenino de Rehabilitacion Cecilia Orillac de Chiari Prison, as well as creating new families.” >>

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