What qualities define a leader?

by Nick Broadhurst

Message to Garcia is an extraordinarily inspirational read with leadership qualities woven all through its text.

Ever wondered what it takes to get someone working? Ever wondered what motivates a person do something? Every wondered by the lack of competence in personnel to get the work done? Well, so have I, and until I read Message To Garcia I wondered just what it was about others and myself that I was hitting up against.

Here is an essay that captured great attention. It was published in 1899 by American philosopher Elbert Hubbard. Over the years 40 million copies have been printed. As soon as I read this text I lifted my own game in life. Instantly I became more productive. It seems one can be educated into production and leadership by creative pieces. I refer to this text from time to time. It still lifts me.

The essay is set during the Spanish American war. It is about a man who was given the single task by President McKinley in 1898 of delivering a letter to Garcia, the leader of the rebels in Cuba. The person to deliver the letter was named Rowan. The fact that he simply took the letter, crossed the sea and went through the jungle to find Garcia singled handed, is truly inspirational. He did not ask how he could find Garcia. He did not ask which Garcia, or if it would not be better if the letter was delivered at another time. He took the task, worked out what was needed and delivered the letter, and came out the other side of Cuba, returned home.

One wondered what kind of person Rowan was. How is it he did not falter, stop on the way? How many people are there in this world who could actually deliver a message to Garcia? How many? Not many.

How many people do you know, that when you give them a course of action, they will not divert their attention? Call the union? Put it off till tomorrow? How many times have you presented someone a task, only to have them ask you if you are certain it is necessary? Or, that perhaps it might be better if someone else did the task instead?

This short literary work is an inspirational masterpiece of pen to paper. It does not matter who penned it or even who Elbert Hubbard was. This short creation strikes a chord in most of us. It encourages us to shrug off the shroud of apathy, and associated reasoning, that mires us to wallow in the uncertainties of life. It allows us to have the right to aspire to develop that quality we call backbone.

Elbert Green Hubbard became wealthy and famous as a result of this one single piece.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy reading it.>>

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