Scientology’s massive publishing facility has ‘sparked a renaissance of Scientology’

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According to the Church of Scientology, there is an unprecedented worldwide demand for the knowledge of Dianetics and Scientology. It is touting its state of the art Bridge Publications and New Era Publications printing operations, which it says are the world’s largest all-digital,print-on-demand facilities (see video above).

To bring the works of L. Ron Hubbard to the world, the church operates Bridge Publications in Los Angeles, a facility that is 270,000 square feet and covers an entire city block. The facility maintains a stock of 3500 miles of paper which it uses in its publishing ventures, and 20 tons of materials for the production of CDs.

Every component in the publishing stage is digitalized, which the church says allows it to publish 385,000 books every week, in numerous languages, with the push of a button. The system is used to publish 78,000 book covers per day that are overlayed with plastic laminate, making the books waterproof. The hardback books are processed in way so that they are durable for a lifetime. As to paperback books, 6,000 of them are bound per hour — or just over a million a week.

Bridge produces 1 million CD lectures per week, also in a variety of languages. The church says that it produces its written and digital material in 50 languages.

Scientology’s automated publishing operations are designed to minimize staff needed to operate the presses.

The massive volume of product, consisting of 1.5 million books and 15 million CDs are stored in a 2.6 million cubic square foot warehouse and every title is accounted for in a central computer that automates fulfillment of product orders.

A similar operation, under the banner “New Era Publications,” is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The church says that these operations have “sparked a renaissance of Scientology itself.”


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