The Untold Joys of Scientology and Dianetics

One aspect of Scientology and Dianetics that you rarely hear about—I’ve certainly never seen it covered in the media—is the joyful aspect of Scientology and Dianetics counseling (called “auditing”).  Somehow, this gets overlooked. Scientologists rarely talk about it. Yet it’s central to Scientology:

During face-to-face, in-private Dianetic and Scientology counseling, an absolutely astonishing uplifting of the human spirit occurs!

People say they’ve never experienced this kind of spiritual boost. Auditing brings them truly joyful religious experiences. I bet you’ve never read that in any mass media article about Scientology!

We expect an artist, actor or musician to talk about “a religious and spiritual experience.” But Dianetics and Scientology auditing brings those same new awakenings to carpenters, MDs, tough truck drivers, rowdy children, finicky technologists, and practical CPAs and business people.

I believe those personal starburst awakenings are a prime reason such a wide variety of people continue in Scientology. This much-needed spiritual rocket-lift-off is missing from daily human endeavor. Mass media work hard to depress us with tales of crime, death, tragedy, economic woes, and political mud-fights.

During auditing—and often while reading the books or hearing lectures on CD—you suddenly “see” new things about life and people that you didn’t see just a moment ago. You end up laughing, knowing how to handle the problem and what to do next.

One blogger described these phenomena as, “like walking out of a long, dark tunnel into a brilliant daylight of new sounds, fragrance, and clarity.” In Scientology and Dianetics, this is called a “cognition,” a moment of knowing something new.

Such spiritual uplift and sharper perceptions of others have been Man’s goal for millennia. But your and my real world is still out there every day. Duties, disappointments, disasters and doom-and-gloom people can drag us back to Earth with a thump.

To stamp out this all-too-common event—and so you stay “up,” happy, and productive—Scientology and Dianetics classes give students real-life education and tools to remain positive and succeed in a life that can slap anyone around a bit.

These life-tools are primarily knowledge about how the human mind and spirit work, how they intertwine, what can go wrong. But—most important—you learn how the real-life problems of yourself and others can be reduced and eliminated. Everyone benefits. People usually start by helping troubled family members or close friends.

In a more far-seeing program to make life safer and more livable for millions, Scientologists often volunteer in inner-city phonics reading clinics, in prisoner education/rehabilitation groups, anti-drug educational programs, and campaigns that teach students and troubled adults about higher morality and personal responsibility.

More information on these public-service programs can be found at Interestingly, the programs are not religious in any way. People receiving the help need not change their religious beliefs or adopt any new ones. They simply benefit when they use the common-sense life tools that these programs supply.

In another service program, Volunteer Minister Scientologists have been leaving the comforts of job and home, traveling to sites of natural and man-made disasters for more than 20 years. Many of their stories are at

Because every human being is different, we all benefit in different ways. But all can benefit if they honestly apply Scientology and Dianetics’ principles to their lives. If you’re near a center, drop in. Ask some friendly questions. No one bites. Ever!

I’d also quietly suggest starting with my favorite book, Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science. This is L. Ron Hubbard’s very readable, non-technical explanation of his earliest theories and researches into Dianetics. How did it start? What were the breakthroughs, potholes and turning points?

I loved it. That book kept me up turning its pages all night!


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