Church of Scientology opens in Florence

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FLORENCE, Ky. – The controversial Church of Scientology has opened its doors to the public in Florence.

It’s been a 10 year project that has cost millions of dollars. The Church of Scientology of Greater Cincinnati is home to 10,000 parishioners from across the Tri-State.

It stands on a 3-acre campus and is 50,000 square feet.

The former home of Florence Baptist Church has been transformed. The Public Information Center is the first thing you see when you enter the Church of Scientology.

“We have over 500 documentary and informational videos and displays that people can actually come in and find out well, what is Scientology,” explained representative Erin Banks.

Scientologists call their beliefs an applied religious philosophy. They believe in God, but Jesus isn’t a part of their scripture, and prayer isn’t a part of their Sunday services.

“It’s practical solutions to every day life problems. We’re all about empowering people and enabling them to be more self-determined and able to grow themselves as a spirit and as an individual,” said Banks.

The church says they haven’t faced any opposition yet. Florence Christian Church sits across the street. The senior minister at that church says she hasn’t had much interaction with their new neighbors, but she’s curious about what happens inside the Church of Scientology.

The former Church of Scientology in Cincinnati has moved their operations to the Florence building.

Scientologists have been practicing in the Tri-State for almost 40 years.

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