Who are the Scientologists

Originally posted on http://www.danielegounord.com, weblog of Daniele Gounord, Spokesperson for the Church of Scientology in France

Today more than ever we talk about Scientology in the media.

Every day, news reports are broadcast on television, radio, online or in print somewhere in the world.

In this flood of information sometimes erroneous or misleading, it is difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood and see what has been distorted to better encourage controversy.

So how do we know who are Scientologists, what they do, and what Scientology really is? The best way would be to talk directly with a Scientologist, visit our websites, read a book or enter one of our churches. In other words, to discover for oneself what it is.

Scientology is a religion, thriving and young, founded by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954. It is new and positive. It is no wonder that most people want to know more about it.

Millions of people demonstrate the real value of our religion and the importance of its objectives by using the practical methods of Scientology in their lives.  Indeed, they have discovered for themselves how Scientology improves their lives and the lives of others.

The discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard transcend economic, ethnic, racial and political lines. Happiness and a better life are within reach of anyone looking to achieve it.

Scientologists get tangible results. We prefer to do something instead of just talking about it. And the results are what make Scientology a story that deserves to be told.



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