Best Kept Secret in Scientology

Religion and secrets (or mysteries) have gone hand in hand down the ages.  Read or listen to different explanations of exactly what the Holy Spirit (of the Christian trinity) really is and how it affects lives. It can sound pretty mysterious.  Talk to a Muslim about what jinns (or genies) do and things quickly get very esoteric.  Exactly how one moves on to enlightenment is something different schools of Buddhism try to put into words with great difficulty.

And Scientology has a big secret too, one that is rarely talked about, also because it so hard to get across.  Comparisons can be made, analogies, descriptions.  But, still, it is something that can’t really be explained.  And is, in my opinion, Scientology’s best kept “secret”.

Let me digress a little before I continue, so you understand where I’m coming from.

I am not a kid.  I have lived life.  (Everything from high school homecoming court, singing solo on TV to marriage and children.) Further, I’ve done things that are on many peoples’ bucket lists.  (Watching Paris vibrate with life from the top of the Eiffel Tower;bathing with an elephant in the warm river waters of Nepal; panting to the top of all 354 stairs for the view of New York from the crown of the Statue of Liberty; four-wheel-drive sand duning in Dubai.).

So I know how hard it is to explain to someone what deep down excitement and thrills feel like.  “It’s thrilling.”  “It’s exciting.”  “You feel so alive.”  How boring can describing excitement be?  It’s super difficult.

So difficult that the most-often turned to phrase is “you have to experience it yourself to understand.”

Which is why one thing about Scientology is such a well-kept secret.  Because it is so hard to explain.

How do you explain the thrill that occurs deep inside you when you know, absolutely for sure and for certain, that you’ve helped someone change their life for the better, forever?

How do you explain that light in someone’s eyes when they realize, “Oh, geez, I’m different.  I’ll never be the same again?”

What do you say?  “It’s so rewarding.”  “It’s so much fun.”  “It feels like nothing else.”  “It is simply delicious.”


How do you communicate what it feels like when you know you’ve changed someone?  When you see, right in front of your eyes, a realization occur, a new understanding, that will help them every day of their lives?  Make their life better.  Sort out something from the past.  Give them a better future?

You see the problem?

Yet this is what Scientology auditors (spiritual counselors) do every day.  Day in.  Day out.  All over the world.

They experience a thrill that is exhilarating.  They walk around with a confidence in Scientology’s workability and results that is unshakeable—because they have personally experienced it.

But how can they explain it?  With great difficulty.  And with a sinking feeling, even as they are trying to explain it, that they really aren’t getting it across.

That’s why the best kept secret in Scientology is the thrill of auditing someone else.

And what’s even more phenomenal?  Anyone and everyone can experience this thrill.  The techniques are there, from simple to more intricate.  Anyone can learn the more simple  techniques quickly.  The more advanced take more time.

Auditing is not like any other activity in the world – thus the difficulty in explaining it.  And it is so much fun that people totally re-arrange their lives just so they can give others more auditing and become better and better auditors themselves.

So, what is the best kept secret in Scientology?  How much fun it is to help others with Scientology techniques.  How extremely delightful it is to change someone for the better and humbly accept their extreme gratitude.  (People who you audit will tell you thanks again and again.)

It’s thrilling, exhilarating, exciting, amazing.

See?  That doesn’t explain it for you, does it? You’ve just got to experience it for yourself.


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