Scientology in Stonnington

Bernie Lowenstein of Melbourne, Australia is one of the Scientologists featured on the Scientology Video Channel.  The section, titled “Meet a Scientologist” is one of the most popular sections of the website.  He was featured in a local newspapter, the Stonnington Leader.  Lowenstein , raised Catholic,  grew up with a Jewish father and Catholic mother and the article describes how he first learned about Scientology and became a Scientologist.

“Struggling with his father’s death and a broken engagement, Mr Lowenstein found Scientology in 1973. ‘My father had died suddenly three years before at only 49,’ Mr Lowenstein said. ‘It was a shock, and when my fiancee dropped me I was a mess. One of my brother’s teachers gave me a book (on Scientology) and said it might help. It just made sense and I became interested from there.'”

The article also describes how Scientology helped him:  “He credits the communication course with putting him ‘back in the driver’s seat’ in 1973. ‘It was a pivotal point for me. It was over a few weeks … a series of drills around what we call ‘auditing’ or listening. I realised I had been very introverted; my attention was focused very much on me … I had a lot of self-pity. The world wasn’t a very happy place for me but the auditing made me realise … there was hope.’”

Lowenstein describes the basic beliefs of Scientology: “humans as immortal spiritual beings; human experience extending beyond a single lifetime; and unlimited human capabilities, even if not presently realised.”

The full article can be read online.

Here is Bernie’s “Meet a Scientologist” video:

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