Applying Scientology as a Parent to Two Active Boys

Me and my little one on the playground

Me and my little one on the playground

I wanted to share a bit of what my experiences have been in applying Scientology as a parent.

I have used many of the tools I have learned in Scientology with my children and family. One of these has been such a life-saver to me – simple, yet AMAZING – and it extends from the fact that a huge part of Scientology is learning to understand what real communication is – and then how to communicate effectively.

Family LoveFamily Love 

When my kids are upset, crying, yelling, or just not doing well, instead of glibly responding to them, I try to really listen and UNDERSTAND what they are saying before I respond back. This has made such a big difference in my communication with my children. I have two very active boys and as a rule they get into upsets and scraps often, but I find when I actually take the time to really understand what they are communicating to me, it makes a huge difference. They know that I care about them, and that their communications are important to me.

Another simple but really applicable tool I have learned in my Scientology studies is todo what you are doing when you are doing it. This seems so very simple but SO important when dealing with children. Nothing upsets my children more than when I am distracted and doing something else when I am spending time with them. My husband and I both forget this sometimes and are reminded when our boys start really protesting. They deserve our attention and even though I can’t spend all my time with them, the family time we do spend together, I try and give my full attention to them.

I consider Scientology to be the ultimate guidebook on pretty much any area of my life that I would like to improve. I’m so grateful to be a Scientologist.

TkeishaTkeisha is a life-long Scientologist, a mother of two wonderful boys, and lives with her husband in rural Oregon. 


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