Lawmakers praise Church of Scientology, once considered at odds with US


Congressman Sheila Jackson-Lee
Congressman Sheila Jackson-Lee
Congressman Danny Davis
Congressman Danny Davis
Congressman Dan Burton
Congressman Dan Burton


[reprinted from the Daily Caller]

Three U.S. congressmen and a top-level government official attended the opening of the Church of Scientology’s National Office in Washington, D.C., Thursday.

Their attendance marked a significant endorsement from members of a government that was once partially at war with the organization.Lawmakers in attendance were Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Indiana Republican Rep. Dan Burton and Illinois Democratic Rep. Danny Davis. Liz Gibson, Senior Program Manager at the Federal Emergency Management Agency was also in attendance.

Jackson Lee applauded the organization.

“I want to thank L. Ron Hubbard for recognizing that courage is not rewarded butit is valued,” said the congresswoman. L. Ron Hubbard was the church’s founder.

“And to be able to have the wonderment of people coming together and ensuring that people come together for peace. That’s what I see in the Church, that you have come together for peace. I welcome and support that,” she said.

Burton and Davis lauded the church’s efforts in pushing Congress to passlegislation targeted toward child medication and the criminal justice system. Gibson praised the disaster relief the Church of Scientology has provided in times of crisis.

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