Human Rights Round Table at the Church of Scientology Moscow

Human Rights Round Table at Church of Scientology Moscow
Human Rights Round Table at Church of Scientology Moscow

A round table titled  “How education in human rights can create a foundation for peace and harmony in the society” was held at the Church of Scientology of Moscow as part of a month-long human rights “marathon” sponsored and by Scientology Churches and Missions throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The event was organized by the Youth for Human Rights International to promote human rights awareness.

In her opening speech, Natalia Alexeeva, director of public relations for the Church, noted that the Church supports Youth for Human Rights because its representatives disseminate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—a  document created in 1948 in the aftermath of World War II, the war that was more destructive of human rights than any in history. Additionally, the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, attached great importance to the Declaration, as the purpose of Scientology is to create a world without insanity, without criminals and war, which fully corresponds to the objectives of the Declaration.

To begin the event, a representative of Youth for Human Rights International, Ruslan Khusainov, described the objectives of the movement and the preliminary results of this , “Marathon for Peace and Human Rights 2012” July 5-Aug 4, 2012, held in more than 10 cities of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. Youth for Human Rights has carried out its work in human rights education at the international level for over 10 years.  Youth activists have held a human rights marathon in the CIS for four consecutive years, and this one, reaching more than 100,000 people, was the most ambitious initiative yet.

Round table participant Kryzhov Mr Ivanov, first ombudsman in the Moscow region and president of the association ombudsmen Russia, said it is very important step for government and social organizations to engage in educating youth in human rights. He commended Youth for Human Rights and noted that through such initiatives we can change society for the better.

In their comments, round table participants noted that they liked the  “30 rights” videos because they bring the subject of human rights to life.

Komkov Sergey, president of the All-Russian Foundation for Education, noted the depressing state of human rights in Russia and encouraged the  young members of Youth for Human Rights to continue to seek to change this situation and get results.

A human rights petition was signed by all present including human rights activist and head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Ms. Ludmila Alexeeva, and representatives of NGOs, human rights activists, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and specialists from the Public Relations Office of Information and Public Relations of Moscow Police.


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