Scientology Prayer for Total Freedom

Today is national prayer day.  Congress enacted a national day of prayer in 1952 and each year since, the U.S. President has issued a proclamation for the day.

Freedom of religion is one of pillars on which the United States was founded and it is one of the factors of our country that make us a unique people–that we believe in the right of every being to chose their own faith; to follow their own conscience.

As a Scientologist, I practice my religion in a unique way–through spiritual training and counseling.  But we also have a prayer for total freedom, which is read at the beginning of our weekly Sunday services.

Scientology Prayer for Total Freedom

May the author
of the universe enable all men
to reach an understanding
of their spiritual nature.

May awareness and

understanding of life expand,
so that all may come to know
the author of the universe.

And may other also
reach this understanding
which brings Total Freedom.


At this time, we think of those
whose liberty is threatened;
of those who have suffered
imprisonment for their beliefs;
of those who are enslaved
or martyred, and for all those
who are brutalized, trapped
or attacked.

We pray that human rights
will be preserved
so that all people may believe
and worship freely,
so that freedom
will once again
be seen in our land.

Freedom from war,
and poverty, and want;
freedom to be;
freedom to do
and freedom to have.

Freedom to use and
understand man’s potential—
a potential that is God-given
and Godlike.

And freedom to achieve
that understanding
and awareness that is
Total Freedom.

May God let it be so.


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