Some Thoughts on Scientology Training

I'm doing some training at the Church and thought folks might like to know what it's like. Training is where we learn Scientology principles--in courses of various lengths--and where we learn to apply it to others and ourselves. Right now I'm on a fairly intense course on communication. I really didn't expect to get as much out of it as I have already.Before I started I was feeling a bit grumpy about people. Weeks into the course I found myself very interested in others. It's helped me … [Read more...]

Political Resolutions

Not too far into the New Year to formulate some resolutions. One of mine—yet unspoken—is to cool it on politics. I’m actually quite interested in the subject, but also find it completely maddening…that some people…could…AAUUUGGGHHHH!OK, I’ll try that again. Sometimes it surprises me that politicians get away with saying certain things that are so obviously false and that the media reports things that are so obviously false, but no one ever seems to call people on it. And it then starts to sca … [Read more...]

Violence: Cause and Cure?

A tragedy in Norway. A bombing in Israel. Even a froth-spewing shooter at a local city. News reports cite terrorists, extremists, but is that really the case? Is the ideology the issue or is there something more here?While there is not a commonality in political viewpoint, there is a common dominator that news reports are not taking into account. It’s insanity, the source of which author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard isolated and explained how to address in his book Dianetics: The Modern S … [Read more...]

Oh No–What Now?

There it is: on every TV show, newspaper, radio program and news website, a new scandal has broken. Another [insert "politician, "actor, "minister" or "sports figure"] has been exposed as a ["cheater," "thief," "hypocrite," "domestic abuser," or "lawyer"--just kidding members of the legal profession!] You know, I'm talking about when one's pretty much ruined his or her life. It's as predictable as time marching on.But on a more personal level, what if it's you who's messed up. What if … [Read more...]

Into the Ring

Plunk. Plunk. Plop. That’s the sound of hats being tossed in the ring as the 2012 elections loom. So what is the Scientologist’s view of politics? Well, they range from left to right and fall anywhere in between. Politics are personal and, as someone who considers herself fairly interested in politics, I sometimes am amazed at just how widely divergent the views of my fellow parishioners are.As left, right and center as a Scientologist’s views are, Scientology itself is nonpolitical. Scien … [Read more...]

Cheryl Duncan on Dianetics Day

It’s May 9, an average, everyday Monday to most, but to Scientologists around the world the anniversary of a watershed day in understanding human behavior. That’s because on May 9, 1950, author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard wrote the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. It’s especially interesting for me because I’m mid-reading the nearly 500 page tome myself now, close to the end of it. I really understand why the commercials called it “The Owners Manual for the Human Mind!”W … [Read more...]