What do Scientologists say about Scientology?

I'll give you my 2 cents worth and then I'll pass you on to a whole bunch of other people in a short video.The first thing about Scientology that really made an impact on me was when I completed the Communication Course and realized that my shyness had disappeared.To have been extremely shy all my life and then to have it evaporate in just two weeks was rather stunning. As you can imagine, it made a huge difference to me.Just being able to get on a bus, pay my fare and find a seat without … [Read more...]

Who are Scientologists?

So just who are Scientologists? What do they do in life? What sort of careers? What sort of families? What sort of attitudes?There are over 200 short videos (a minute or less each) in a series called "Meet A Scientologist", each about a particular individual, their life, their attitudes, their aspirations, etc. They give you a quick look into the life of one person at a time and are a great way to find out just who are Scientologists.The videos are available in three ways: If you have a good … [Read more...]

Food for Thought

In 2008 a study was published in the British Medical Journal that shows a clear connection between hyperactivity in children and chemical additives in foods. Removing junk food from a child's diet is a simple treatment that has no side-effects and plenty of positive effects compared with drugs which have horrendous side-effects such as nervousness, insomnia, anorexia; nausea; dizziness; palpitations; headache, cardiac arrhythmia; abdominal pain etc., etc.A study by the Montreal Children's Ho … [Read more...]

So What is Scientology?

So what is Scientology?It's a common question and an important one to answer.If you try to answer it with a Google search you'll get all sorts of answers: some correct, some wrong and some just plain weird. So let me save you from wading through pages and pages of search results.Like all big questions, this really requires a big answer but that would take a lot of reading and you'd get bored, so I'll give you a short answer and then include some links to articles that will explain more and … [Read more...]