Scientology A to Z — C is for Communication

How many examples of bad communication have you seen in the last week?- A teacher giving directions to a student but speaking too softly for the student to hear so they do the action wrong, or- A father yelling at a child and the child then ignoring what is being said, or- A wife talking to her husband who is watching television and not paying attention, or- A girl hanging up on her boyfriend because of what he said, or- A waiter not paying attention to his customers (and then … [Read more...]

Scientology A – Z: "B" is for Basic

In auditing, the counseling practice of Scientology, one is often looking for the earliest incident in a series of related occurrences. That earliest incident is called "basic" as it is the one upon which all other similar incidents build. One of the major discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was that once the basic incident in a series of occurrences was fully viewed then all of the emotional and psychosomatic trauma regarding it would disappear. The person receiving the … [Read more...]

Scientology A – Z: “A” is for Auditing and Auditor

Since so many people are interested in Scientology and have questions about its beliefs and practices, I will be  posting the A to Zs of Scientology, beginning with A.“A” is for Auditing and AuditorThe religious counseling of Scientology is called “auditing” and it is performed by an “auditor”. The word “audit” is usually associated with an examination of financial records, but it has an older meaning of “hearing”, or listening. (As a side note, the examination of financial accounts was at … [Read more...]