How to choose a President

The primaries are coming! The primaries are coming!Not quite what Paul Revere yelled, but a scary proposition, nevertheless.The primaries - the first step in the election of the President. The whole process is like a horse race: lots of contenders, some favorites, some long shots. The contenders are paraded out in front of us in "debates" and the media pundits express their opinions and biases.Gradually the field is whittled down until there are two main contenders, one wearing blue and … [Read more...]

IAS Freedom Medal Winner–Mary Shuttleworth

Another winner of the IAS Freedom Medal, in 2007, was Mary Shuttleworth.  Here is an article on her work: Meet a Scientologist—Mary Shuttleworth, Opening the Door to Opportunity for an Entire Generation of Youth Overcoming her own study difficulties through L. Ron Hubbard Study Technology, Dr. Mary Shuttleworth became an educator and touched the lives of millions of youth with her human rights education initiative.How many bright, creative children give up on their goals, frustrated with le … [Read more...]

What is happiness?

by Nick Broadhurst Honestly, what is this thing called happiness? It is obviously linked to our survival. In our natural state we might be happy. Happiness seems to preside in the absence of pain. Pain is the warning of loss and too much pain brings about death. The pain signal shows the organism is in the proximity of a destructive force or object and to ignore the pain would bring about death.It does not matter if it is a burn or a broken arm, the signals are the same. When a lot of pain is a … [Read more...]

IAS Freedom Medal Winner–David Pomerantz

Another winner of the International Association of Scientologists Freedom Medal is Daviod Pomerantz, a human rights advocate who has also brought Scientology to the Philippines.Here is a recent article on his attending the Manila Book Fair: Why David Pomeranz is attending Manila book fair Philippine Daily InquirerDavid Pomeranz believes the real barriers to a happy and valuable future are upsets, failures, fears and mistakes of the past.“These things haunt us like ghosts that spoil every c … [Read more...]

Human Rights Awareness

In commemoration of  the anniversary of the IAS (International Association of Scientologists), enjoy this well executed, brief documentary on the IAS-sponsored Human Rights campaign. … [Read more...]

How to find your greatness

by Nick Broadhurst People may think that greatness comes from waging a war or ending the existence of one’s foes. That simply is not true. Greatness is that compassion which stems from inside you. It is not about how well, or how many, people you have vanquished.L. Ron Hubbard wrote a message decades ago called What Is Greatness? It is a lesson for Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike. This is my review of it.People get attacked and hurt for no apparent reason often enough. People are … [Read more...]


Tim Bowles is another IAS Freedom Medalist:As you read this page, untold millions on five continents are attempting to scratch out a subsistence living, many unsuccessfully, deprived of their basic human rights.A trip to Africa in 2005 changed Tim Bowles’ life.“When I arrived in Ghana, it was like coming home,” he says. “I knew I had to do something to help.”Bowles, an attorney specializing in constitutional law, was in Africa to assist with the Youth for Human Rights International World … [Read more...]

Mohammad Khalil Ullah — Freedom Medalist

In honor of the anniversary of the IAS, to be celebrated this weekend in the UK, here is a story about one of last year's freedom medalists. Fighting For The Rights Of India’s Most Neglected And Vulnerable For those living in Calcutta, capital city of the West Indian state of Bengal, life presents a steady diet of human degradation.Inspired by Calcutta icon Mother Theresa, Mohammad Khalil Ullah wanted to give the forgotten children of this city a chance for a better life. He was drawn in p … [Read more...]