Mysteries to Themselves

The fallen angels in Paradise Lost are of course shockingly wrongheaded in their estimation of God: Lucifer and company, while in heaven, thought they could beat God in a fight, and some of them continue to think so even after they find themselves greatly diminished and in hell. It’s hard to imagine what metric they could [Read More…]

Glad Protestantism

Last Friday, the estimable Peter Leithart posted a little manifesto in his column space at First Things,. declaring “The End of Protestantism.” I didn’t like the piece at all. In fact, for a moment I entertained the theory that somebody had hacked his account and posted a satire. Leithart is after all one of a [Read More…]

A Class on Trinitarian Theology

The 2014 Los Angeles Theology Conference, “Advancing Trinitarian Theology,” will be on January 16 and 17 at Fuller Theological Seminary. The conference is designed so that it can easily be used as a content delivery system for a class on trinitarian theology. Registration is already open, and the early-bird rate is in effect until November [Read More…]

9 Papers on the Trinity at LATC 2014

The second annual Los Angeles Theology Conference,  entitled “Advancing Trinitarian Theology,” will happen this January at Fuller Theological Seminary.  We have invited five plenary speakers distinguished for recent contributions to the doctrine of the Trinity: Lewis Ayres, Stephen Holmes, Karen Kilby, Thomas McCall, and Fred Sanders. Registration is open. Earlier this year Oliver Crisp and I [Read More…]

Christology Ancient & Modern: The Book!

Christology Ancient & Modern: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics is the first volume in a series of books that will make the proceedings of the annual Los Angeles Theology Conference available to a wider audience. Only a lucky few hundred people were at the annual conference in January 2013, but this 200-page paperback from Zondervan collects [Read More…]

Dig Here Said the Angel

“I sell records worldwide now that I’ve died,” boasts the singer in one of the tracks on the new Daniel Amos album, Dig Here Said the Angel.  The character is a musician, obviously, but postmortem, and somehow (As a ghost? In a dream?) he’s assuring his still-living spouse that everything’s great for him since his [Read More…]

Deepening Your Faith in the Trinity (Harvest Christian Fellowship)

Here’s video of a talk I gave on the Trinity last week (Sunday Oct. 6) at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. It’s part of their educational series called “Deepening Your Faith,” in which I’m teaching on the Trinity (last week) and christology (next week). In the series, they’re paying special attention to heresies, and are [Read More…]

They Must Have Trusted: Hebrews 11

Here is the video, and below is the script, of a sermon I preached at my home church, Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada, yesterday (Sun. Oct 13, 2014). I also got to preach a 30-minute version of it for chapel tonight at Los Angeles Bible Training School.     They Must Have Trusted: [Read More…]

What Abel, Though Dead, Still Speaks

In Charles Simeon’s sermon on Hebrews 11:4, “Abel’s  Offering Instructive to Us,” he explores the meaning of Abel’s sacrifice: compared to Cain’s, it was an admission of guilt and a confession of the need for salvation. The offering of Cain could have been given in Eden before the fall, but the death of a firstborn [Read More…]

Iconography of Cain and Abel

I can’t take the time to give proper commentary on these images, but I just rooted around on the web for pictures of the sacrifices of Cain and Abel, because I wanted to see how various artists interpreted the offerings. The story in Genesis is so sparely narrated that it tends to call forth vigorous [Read More…]