This Oscar-nominated documentary (now available for home viewing) illustrates the malevolence of the puppet masters pulling so many strings in America and worldwide. Read more

Robotic acting, dull characters, a weak script, and toxically timed subject matter make this Eastwood’s worst effort yet. Read more

This fascinating documentary considers the complicated life of Padraig O’Malley, a master of international conflict resolution. Read more

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film shows a director, acting ensemble, composer, and crew coming together in top form. Read more

This is the rare sequel that outshines the original, and a children’s film that will enrapture parents, too. Read more

Seven insights I’ve gained since January 20, 2017 Read more

A second film critic is joining me here this month. Read more

Few will miss the ongoing relevance of this fine chronicle of the battle between Nixon and the media over the publication of the Pentagon Papers. Read more

In spite of the daily dread of world and national news, it’s been a splendid year at the movies. Read more

Everything clicks in this delightful, suspenseful fairy tale and parable for grownups. Read more

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