Further explorations of Paul Schrader’s masterpiece Read more

“First Reformed” shattered me in a way that few pieces of art have, and assured me that while the turmoil of our reality is reaching a fever pitch, our artists are producing work that will, if the world survives us, shine like diamonds in a landfill. Read more

This debut feature from writer/director Ari Aster will be tough to top as the best horror film of 2018. Read more

Gorgeously set in South Dakota’s Badlands, this close take on a Lakota cowboy’s life at a crossroads is one of 2018’s best features so far. Read more

Aboriginal director Warwick Thornton illustrates the historical plight of his people in this captivating “based on a true story” western. Read more

Tony and Bart Campolo show how to relate honestly and respectfully across the godless/believing divide in this warm and even-handed documentary, now available for home viewing. Read more

Charlize Theron, director Jason Reitman, and writer Diablo Cody team up again for another strong outing. Read more

Wes Anderson’s return to stop-motion animation is a visual masterpiece, though its storytelling and characterizations don’t reach the level of his top films. Read more

My festival coverage concludes with three very good to excellent documentaries of present-day reckonings with past American history. Read more

Rogers’ demeanor and appearance don’t exactly suggest courage and strength, but this documentary makes clear the incredible determination of Rogers, and his fearlessness in confronting difficult realities which other children’s television programming would avoid. Read more

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