Yes, I Was “Wonderstruck” by Todd Haynes’ Newest Film

The director of “Carol” continues his winning streak with another stylish, affecting film. Read more

My Letter of Resignation from the American Psychiatric Association

Parting ways with an ethically compromised organization in the Age of Trump Read more

Clooney and the Coen Brothers Are Cinematic Masters; Alas, “Suburbicon” Is Not One of Their Masterpieces

With its puncturing of American mythology, “Suburbicon” succeeds at truth telling, but less so as engrossing narrative. Read more

“The Florida Project”: Grit, Giddiness, and Sorrow in Disney’s Shadow

In this worthy follow-up to 2015’s “Tangerine,” Sean Baker shifts coasts, but gives us another slice of marginalized life in America. Read more

Book Review: “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” Is Essential for Understanding Our Times and Our President

A crème de la crème gathering of mental health experts usefully, profoundly assesses our president’s dangerousness and the social significance of Trumpism. Read more

Jane Goodall and a Big Fat French Wedding: One Last Look at TIFF 2017

An eye-pleasing biography of the famed primatologist and a frivolous diversion by the directors of “Les Intouchables” happily concluded this year at TIFF. Read more

TIFF Day #7: Horror and Suspense Are Handled Surely in “Thelma,” Ineptly in “Marrowbone”

Norwegian director Joachim Trier continues his excellent youth-themed outpouring of films with “Thelma,” but the screenwriter of the excellent horror film “The Orphanage” falls short in his directing debut. Read more

TIFF Day #6: “Makala” Is a Masterwork of Cinematic Empathy

Another winner arrives in Toronto via Cannes, offering a realistic look at a Congolese laborer’s existence. Read more

TIFF Day #5: Humanism in “Faces Places,” Anti-Humanism in “Omerta”

A joyous film by Agnes Varda and JR embraces the people of rural France; a somber work by Hansal Mehta chronicles the rise of an infamous jihadist. Read more

TIFF Day #4: “BPM (Beats Per Minute)” and “Downsizing”

An intimate view of AIDS activism in 1990s Paris and a sci-fi satire from Alexander Payne (Sideways and Nebraska) were on tap in Toronto yesterday. Read more

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