I have to say, it’s interesting to notice the small, usually Christian advertisements just above on this blog. Right now one of them says, “God Wants You To Be Rich: Earn $7,000 Over & Over Again. Christian Home Business. Be Blessed.”

A bad joke, but perhaps also a hopeful sign for secularists. It’s very attractive to think of religion as an all-encompassing point of view and way of life. But in the modern world, trying to do Christian music, Christian psychology, Christian finance and all in the end reaches the absurdity of a Christian Home Business. You can talk about Christian faith and morality illuminating all aspects of your life, but almost inevitably, the fragmentation of modern life takes over and people do the same secular things as their neighbors but with an asinine “Christian” or ‘Muslim” label slapped on them. It makes the faithful feel better, and that’s fine. But it also suggests that religion can’t take over everything.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14558495391350708810 James Still

    You are definitely on to something Taner. I happened to be walking by a Christian bookstore not long ago and so I took 5 minutes to check it out. Jesus takes a seat way in the back of the marketing bus; he almost gets in the way (or rather is heavily comodified) in order to pitch everything from aerobics videos to “God Bless America” refrigerator magnets. (Oh and those Calvin-praying-before-the-cross decals? That’s a copyright violation folks.) To add to what you said about religion not taking over everything, what ends up happening is that by watering itself down with commercialization it ends up losing itself in the “society of the spectacle” as Debord called it.