Church Burnings

The church fires of the past three months were very puzzling. At first, with black churches being set ablaze, it seemed like a classic hate crime. But then white churches went up in flames too. The mystery is only partly solved with the just-announced arrest of three white college students, all of whom met each other at Birmingham-Southern College. Yet, why would students at an elite Christian school (affiliated with United Methodist) allegedly torch area churches? Just for the thrill of it? Very strange.

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  • Jim Lippard

    Apparently the first one was “a joke” that got out of hand and the rest were supposed to be “a diversion to throw investigators off”:

  • Aaron White

    BSC isn’t a “Christian” school per se, but a church affilliated school. You aren’t required to pledge fidelity to any particular religious stance there-I graduated from BSC and knew practicing hindus, Jews, Muslims, Wiccans, Athiests etc. there.

  • Martin Wagner

    Evidently, we’re looking at some dumbass kids who played a “joke” that will cost them the next 20 years of their lives. Serves em right.