Every so so often I like to visit the web site of The Raelian Movement, just so I can remind myself that rejecting God is perfectly compatible with all sorts of craziness.

It’s too bad they don’t advertise themselves as the “world’s largest Atheist, non-profit, UFO-related organisation” on their web site anymore, but at least its title is “The Raelian Movement: Intelligent Design for Atheists.” Yes, they do push ID. Except that the “designer” is a bunch of advanced space aliens.

They’ve still got some outright atheist stuff in their FAQ, and I must say they’ve got an interesting cosmology. See “Who Created the Elohim?” and “What makes a Raelian any different from people who believe in GOD?“. Great stuff, if you like weirdness.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12248672431897978383 Baroni

    I think that believing in an invisible God is crazy! If you were born in the far east, you probably would believe in Buddha, if you were born in the Middle East, you would believe in Allah! so depending on what part of the world you were born depends in what God you believe in? So to believe in no God at all makes more sense to me. A belief in a God is archiaic, it belongs to History, we live in a world of science now and should listen to the scientists!


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