Red Cross adopting support for “faith-based” approaches

Like the Department of Homeland Security, the American Red Cross has also decided to start supporting “faith-based” approaches to disaster relief. Included in their changes of policy in the face of problems that occurred in recent hurricane relief efforts, they will now be providing financial support to churches, as reported in the New York Times:

And in a shift in policy, it also plans to work more closely with other charities, like local churches, providing them with financial assistance.

Trent Stamp of Charity Navigator rightly notes at his blog that many donors do not wish their contributions to be used to support any kind of religious mandate, and that he hopes the American Red Cross will be transparent about this change in policy in their fundraising materials.

I’m a former donor to the American Red Cross who already shifted my giving to another relief organization in the light of its superior efficiency in using funds for relief efforts (AmeriCares). This change in policy by the American Red Cross gives me another supporting reason for my decision.

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