Triablogue: Flippant dismissals

I guess I better start moving on getting some content up on my blog. Apparently my inactivity has been construed as indicating that I am a fictitious character. Now I’ve been called many things before, but fictitious has not been one of them.

See: Triablogue: Flippant dismissals (April 16, 2006)

“There is also a token female by the name of Andrea Weisberger. She never does any posting, and if you click on the link to her blog, there’s nothing posted over there either. So she is obviously another fictitious character, the function of which is to show how enlightened unbelievers are, with a ratio of three men to every one woman.”

According to the above quoted post, Taner is really Thomas Edison (arisen from the grave?)

  • Jim Lippard

    Steve Hays said that he never links to what he’s commenting on because he uses the Safari web browser on a Macintosh, and Blogger doesn’t provide him with a button to click to generate links (it’s true). Of course, it’s trivial to add HTML links in Blogger when using Safari.

    Perhaps he has the additional motivation of not sending any traffic to sites with opposing viewpoints, while getting traffic from the opposing sites when they link to him.

  • evanmay


    Steve is a bit….HTML challenged. But while he does not hyperlink his links, he often includes the link that can be copied and pasted into the browser if readers wish to check out the context.

    Additionally, Steve often asks me to create hyperlinks for him, and the rest of the Triablogue members and I include hyperlinks.