The plot thickens…

Not only have I apparently had a sex change when I wasn’t looking, but now I am a “comic genius” as well (Seinfeld, look out!)

As everyone knows who’s in the know, Walton is the comic genius behind the hoax blog otherwise known as The Secular Outpost and its satellites.

Moreover, “Frank Walton” has created false posts in my name, according to the Triabloglodytes:

…clearly Walton got wind of my exposé (his spies are everywhere, you know!), and has chosen to keep up appearances by fabricating some fake posts for the fictitious character of Andrea Weisberger.
Next thing you know, there will be some doctored family photos as well.

I guess in light of belief in god, this kind of fantasy is small potatoes.

  • Zachary Moore

    Bear in mind, this is coming from Steve, who typically represents the bizarre/fringe element of that group.

  • Andrea Weisberger

    Apparently I have been graduated from fictional to real.

    My closing comment was taken as evidence of my reality (? I don’t get it either)

    “This type of rigorous argumentation is simply beyond Frank’s skill in fabricating stories.”

    Rigorous? Argument? Very funny stuff!

    I especially like the part where I am described as:

    “the physical manifestation of the ongoing narrative…”

    Really — this is great satire! The atheist as logos…no, the Jewish atheist as logos ….

    At this rate, I’ll be divine before you know it!

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