The Shrinking Secular Family

World Magazine recently blogged about the “shrinking liberal family.” Although I usually disagree with the viewpoint expressed by that magazine, this is one issue where I find myself in agreement with them. In fact, it is something I have been saying for years. I don’t claim to have hard statistical evidence, but it has always been my experience that, on average, religious families tend to have more children than non-religious families. Moreover, on average, the largest families are almost always religious whereas couples with no children are more likely to be non-religious.

I’d be interested in hearing from others about whether their observations match mine.

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  • Bruce

    There does seem to be something to this. One of my coworkers, who is a born again, was complaining to his father about how liberal our city is compared to where he grew up. Then he said that he was trying to convince more of his friends to move here in order to upset the liberal bias. I couldn’t help but think that part of the reason he has five kids now is to make his own contribution to his cause (since he is brainwashing them into his religion).

    Of course, me being an atheist and liberal, we have no kids and I’ve already had the vasectomy, so it ain’t happening. But, we have neighbor kids on each side of us and we do our part for our cause as well.

  • PedroCV

    You might consider reading the following article. It isn’t the last word on the topic, but poses an interesting framework for discussion:
    Death by secularism: Some statistical evidence
    By Spengler
    Asia Times OnLine, Aug 2, 2005