Pat “Superman” Robertson

The freakometer reached category 6 with the announcement on Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) that Pat Robertson can leg-press 2,000 pounds. The site claims that Robertson’s superhuman strength in “keeping his energy high and his vitality soaring is his age-defying protein shake.” The recipe for this magical potion is available for download on the site. Has the man no shame?

  • Zeteo Eurisko

    For reference, one of my friends – an offensive linemen on a Division 1-A football team – can leg press 950 lbs.

  • Jim Lippard

    The Florida state record is 1335 pounds. The guy who did that, Dan Kendra, had to specially modify equipment to support the weight, and the capillaries in his eyes burst in the process.

  • Happy Curmudgeon

    What’s with all these leg press announcements? The other day it came out that Madeline Albright can leg press 400 pounds.

  • Mark Plus

    I just hope Pat Robertson sides with Dr. Xavier instead of Magneto.

  • Jed Weber

    Well I guess that Mr. Dan Kendra and all his “specially modified equipment” just aren’t a match for ALMIGHTY GOD!