Noah’s Ark, discovered yet again

Evangelical Christian “Arkeologists” have again claimed to have discovered Noah’s Ark, this time in Iran. On a recent (second) trip to the site, the explorers included “some of America’s leading businessmen, an attorney who has argued several cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, and two leading apologists,” including Josh McDowell. The main explorer is “international explorer and author” Bob Cornuke of the “BASE Institute,” a former Costa Mesa, CA police officer. Unfortunately, they apparently forgot to bring along any scientists (it’s not clear if the “oil and gas geologist” quoted in the article was present on the expedition–but his quote is rather less than an endorsement).

The linked-to website has some rather less than astounding photographs.

Ed Brayton has ably dissected some of the claims in the report, and I comment a bit more on my own blog.

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