Public school teacher tells class: “You belong in hell”

This story, which I reported on my blog on Sunday, has hit the mainstream media today, with stories in the Newark Star-Ledger, The Jersey Journal, and forthcoming on NYC-area radio and television (WCBS radio, 1010 WINS radio, and Fox 5 News and NBC 4 News television).

The basic story is that Kearny High School U.S. History teacher David Paszkiewicz used his classroom as a pulpit for evangelizing, as well as telling students that evolution and the Big Bang are false, there were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark, and that the Bible is supported by confirmed prophecies. When student Matthew LaClair took this issue to the school principal, Paszkiewicz denied that he had said these things. LaClair then handed over two audio CDs, at which point Paszkiewicz declined any further comment except to tell LaClair, “you got the big fish… you got the big Christian guy who is a teacher!”

The newspapers have confirmed the content of the audio CDs and observed that there is no dispute that Paszkiewicz is the voice speaking on them.

School Superintendent Robert Mooney has said that corrective action would be taken, but declined to say what that will be–and he added that Pasziewicz is “a wonderful teacher.” Paszkiewicz is still teaching his class as of yesterday.

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