Dawkins Supports Genocide?

There’s a little kerfuffle in the blogosphere recently about Dawkins. No, not the Haggard video. As the LifeSite story reports, and several fringe abortion blogs have picked up and elaborated, Dawkins “advocates eugenics” and “says Nazi regime’s genocidal project ‘may not be bad'”. The article goes on to quote other geneticists in a negative fashion in order to weave a science-fiction horror story of a future ruled by sterilization, eugenics, and genetic engineering.

Of course if you read the letter to the editor that Dawkins wrote to Scotland’s Sunday Herald you won’t find any trace of support for genocide or Nazi-style eugenics. Instead Dawkins muses over whether it’s time to talk about whether parents ought to be able to choose DNA manipulation in order to select for favorable traits such as musical talent.

On their About Us page LifeSite’s first principle of journalism is stated: “Accuracy in content is given high priority. News and information tips from readers are encouraged. Valid corrections are always welcome.” If you want to submit a valid correction send an e-mail to lsn@lifesite.net.

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