Good week for infidels in the book world

The 11 March New York Times bestseller list for hardcover books includes five that should be of interest and possible encouragement to infidels: The God Delusion and Letter to a Christian Nation are still there, of course, at #12 and #24 respectively; Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel is on for its third week, at #7; and they are newly joined by Chris Hedges’ American Fascists, at #13, and Victor J. Stenger’s God: The Failed Hypothesis at #21. Not altogether bad.

Of course, we are all expecting An Illusion of Harmony to go to #1 on the next list, so maybe that will make it six…

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  • Hallq

    Question about Infidel: How strongly would you recommend it for understanding fundamentalist Islam? Once I polish off my current reading list I’m going to take a crack at doing some serious reading on the subject. I’m already planning to read your book, one or two of Ibn Warraq, and some books recommended in a previous thread, should Infidel be on my list?

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