Pat Robertson’s continuing influence on the Bush administration

Complementing Jim Still’s post about “The Family,” Ed Brayton writes at Dispatches from the Culture Wars about how Pat Robertson’s Regent University Law School, a 4th-tier law school barely half of whose graduates pass the bar exam, has managed to be the source of at least 150 appointees to the Bush administration. Perhaps the fact that Bush appointed former Regent University law school dean Kay Coles James as the director of the Office of Personnel Management has something to do with it?

Not surprisingly, these appointees seem to have been chosen for ideological loyalty rather than competence, a longstanding pattern for the Bush administration.

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  • vjack

    Yeah, this whole loyalty before competence thing explains a great deal about this administrations many failures. I suppose one doesn’t need to be concerned about competence when one is awaiting the rapture any day.

  • FlamingLib

    Can you believe it? Thirty-three dead and 21 wounded in the shootout at Virginia Tech and all Bush can say is, the students and nation can be consoled by “a loving God.” As Mackie might have observed, “If he exists and he’s a loving God, why does he allow nice people to die?” Bush is a dangerous lunatic. His belief in irrational mumbo-jumbo is leading this nation to Armageddon, a self-fulfilling prophecy from John of Patmos. I don’t mind if Bush and his kind get taken up in their phoney Rapture, I just don’t want to be around to see it.

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