Atheist and humanist emblems

People seem to be looking because the Wiccan symbol has just been added to the list amid some controversy, but apparently the US Department of Veterans Affairs has an atheist emblem on the list of symbols to be used on gravestones:

plus a Humanist symbol:
Interesting. Especially the atheist symbol. It must be an American Atheists kind of organization-specific thing; I have no knowledge of any symbol generally associated with atheism, let alone the whole atom business.

I like Greg Saunders’s comment on it.

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  • Zachary Moore

    I’ve made the argument for the use of Ф as a handy atheist symbol.

  • CyberKitten

    Do atheists need symbols to represent their lack of belief? I’m amazed that any group of atheists could agree on such a symbol… or is it just a messy compromise I wonder? [grin].

    All nonsense of course.

  • Jim Lippard

    The atomic A is the American Atheists logo.

  • Mark Plus

    Has anyone else noticed the Star of David embedded in American Atheists’ “atom” symbol?

  • Sunfell

    I rather like The Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol, myself:

  • Ross McPhee

    I don’t mean to mock, but the first logo reminds me of the one used by superhero the Atom.


    At least the VA accepts that there are atheists out there.

  • gruff

    I’m 67 and have been atheist most of my life. I’d like to correct a mistaken impression — that atheists stand for a lack of belief. As an atheist, I believe there is no such thing as a god or any form of sentient supernatural higher power. I believe in people, humanity, the human race. I believe in our superiority among all known species. I believe in the laws of science and the universe insofar as we have discovered them. I believe we have a grand and glorious future. As for a symbol to represent my beliefs, any reasonable icon will suffice, such as Zachary Moore’s Cyrillic Ef (Ф), which is also the Greek letter Phi. Symbols are precisely that, symbols or icons. They do not change one’s beliefs but are rather used to represent them. In any case, atheists are not without belief. We just have a different set of beliefs.