Mother Teresa’s crisis of faith

During her life, Mother Teresa wrote numerous letters which she asked to be burned upon her death. They were not burned, but have instead been published in the book Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light. These letters show that “for the last nearly half-century of her life she felt no presence of God whatsoever.” At one point, she wrote that she had been driven to doubt the existence of God.

This adds a new perspective to Christopher Hitchens’ critiques of Mother Teresa for her hypocrisy in his book The Missionary Position and in numerous articles, such as a 2003 piece on and a 1998 interview about his book. (William Donohue of the Catholic League wrote a 1996 response to Hitchens’ book.)

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  • GOP Mammal

    This doesn’t surpise me at all, there are probably millions of christians out there who doubt their faith but are afraid to admit it. Many are even afraid to admit these doubts to themselves, fearing eternal torture in hell. That’s why they invented the idea of hell in the 1st place, to scare people into believing.

  • Sheldon

    From Donahue’s Catholic League critique of Hitchens, (and he doesn’t waste anytime getting to ad hominem slander).

    “The Nation, for the unacquainted, is a magazine that would put a smile on the face of Joseph Stalin. (Speaking of Stalin, it is not unimportant that Hitchens’ father was a gunrunner for Old Joe,”

    The Nation, Stalinist? Please! And as far as I know, Hitchen’s former Marxist self was of the Troskyite variety. Stalin killed hunted down Trotsky and had him killed, along with many sympathizers. Of course distinctions don’t matter to hacks like Donahue.

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