New Chick Tract

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  • bpabbott

    That was the best laugh I had all day!

    … don’t suppose its a parody?

  • Sherry

    I don’t think so, bpabbot. But I do have a saying for it. Feast your eyes on my review over Chick’s latest crank comic.

    There Go The Dinosaurs: Jack Chick’s Latest Tract of Lies

  • exapologist

    That was awesome.

  • JesusCamper

    I generally believe the story in the chic tract about the dinosaurs. Although the dino man-hunt was a stretch and just amusing, the essence of the statement is valid. A major flood, a collapse of the firmament, and the subsequent inhospitable environment for dinosaurs all adds up for me.

  • cipher

    I don’t understand why people find Chick amusing. I think he’s appalling. It’s people like Chick, far more than the terrorists, serial killers and and pedophiles, who have convinced me that we are a terminal species.

    In fact, I’ll say something fundamentalist myself – he offends me, so let’s get rid of him! I really do wish that someone would just take him out.

  • norm101

    I was raised on these things. And I learned that Moses had dinosaurs.

    They never could answer any questions I posed. Then again, I was terrified that a question would make me lose my immortal soul.

    This guy is the closest thing to evil I’ve ever seen.

    these things are funny until you realize how many believe every word of them. And let me tell you, there are millions…

  • norm101

    Jesuscamper, you can’t be serious…

    This is the most absurd perversion of reality ever.

    If they died out because of oxygen deprivation a few thousand years ago, why are their fossils found so deep under so many layers of earth, vegitation and rock?

    It is pure idiocy.

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