Antony Flew’s new book

Philosopher Antony Flew has a new book out titled There Is A God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind.

But what’s interesting is that he didn’t write it–Christian apologist Roy Abraham Varghese did.

Today’s New York Times has the fascinating and disturbing story about how some evangelical Christians have exploited an aging man’s loss of memory and critical thinking capacity to make him the basis of a fallacious argument from authority in support of their views.

UPDATE (November 8, 2007): Richard Carrier, who was quoted in the New York Times story, has given more information at his blog.

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  • exapologist

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  • exapologist

    That’s appalling.

    Apparently, an apologist’s opportunism and micharacterizations with respect to argumentation spills over into his PR tactics.

  • AIGBusted

    That’s sad. I had long suspected that something wasn’t quite right, as Flew was vague about why he converted, and I also didn’t find his reasons for converting compelling.

  • DFB

    The conclusion of this article was reeling. This line, especially, hit me between the eyes:

    “Intellectuals, even more than the rest of us, like to believe that they reach conclusions solely through study and reflection. But like the rest of us, they sometimes choose their opinions to suit their friends rather than the other way around. Which means that Flew is likely to remain a theist, for just as the Christians drew him close, the atheists gave him up for lost.”

    This one observation made me feel the responsibility of every friend who’s ever fallen for religious nonsense.

  • Anatoly


  • Sheldon

    “……the atheists gave him up for lost.”

    And why shouldn’t we? However strong and elegant Flew’s arguments against a god were, they still stand or fall on their merits regardless of Flew’s views now.

    These theist are treating Flew, in the last twighlight of his intellectual life like some kind of trophy. But what kind of prize is Flew for Christians? Not a big one considering he hasn’t made the leap into accepting Christ.

    I have had arguments with Christians where I have taken the position that even if I could accept a god of design, fine tuning, and the first cause; there still remains a huge gap between that and thinking that Christianity is anything more than nonsense.

  • Steven Carr

    In his latest defense of the book, even Vargehse does not go so far as to claim that Antony Flew wrote one sentence of the book. He ‘edited’ and ‘approved’ versions of the manuscript.

    But write it? Vargehse never claims Flew wrote any of the book.

  • Sheldon

    Pharyngula has a link to a YouTube interview with Flew by evangelical “world view analysist” Lee Strobel. It is interesting in that Flew still hasn’t slipped off the edge. When asked what keeps him from accepting Christianity, he states the doctrine of eternal torture.

  • Steven Carr

    ‘When asked what keeps him from accepting Christianity, he states the doctrine of eternal torture.’

    I wonder why Flew never discusses that in his new book.

    Silly me. Here am I thinking Flew got to choose what went into his book.

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