New Chick Tract

What if you Saw a Miracle?
G&T Rebuttal, Part 6: Chapter 7
Rape them Atheists!
Geisler & Turek Rebuttal, Part 7: Chapter 8
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  • Hallq

    Old JC is losing his touch. The devils have lost all their melodramatic EVIL absurdity. None of the ridiculous railing against Catholics and Jews and Pagans and DnD players… I’m disappointed.

  • bpabbott

    Jack Chick isn’t deserving of my attention. He certainly doesn’t deserve the attention your post has brought him.

    Rather than waste bytes on bad examples of the human condition, perhaps a more constructive approach would be to illustrate good examples.

  • Founder

    Chick Pubs are pretty good research materials for Group Dynamics. Until this post, I completely forgot who published them. Thank you. Now the work to undo their influence can finally begin !)

  • Andrew

    One part about the nuclear war he mentioned is true.

    Scientists, atheistic scientists, (Richard Dawkins tells us most scientists are atheists) have filled the world with nuclear weapons.

    And they are working on new and “better” models.

    So fundies may talk about the end of the world…but atheistic scientists have made it quite possble to destroy civilization in a day.

  • norm101

    You don’t need a bomb to do that. Good ole religion has destroyed tens of millions of people and oppressed hundreds of millions more.

    Bomb or no bomb, NO ONE comes close to the evils of religion…