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  • Jarred

    It never cease to amaze me just how much Jack Chick and others like them seem to revel in the idea of seeing their fellow humans judged and damned.

  • bpabbott

    I’m in Singapore this month … just noticed that Jack’s site is *blocked* … very cool!

  • Tatarize

    What? The Pharaoh didn’t get more stubborn, he had his heart turned by God. That’s the story. God violates the Pharaoh’s free will and forces him to refuse to let Moses’ people go and he tries several times: “I will curse you with plagues.” — “Hm, those are plagues okay you can go.” — *God hardens heart* — “You can’t go!” — More plagues — “Hm, those are plagues, okay you can go.” — *God hardens heart* — “I’ll catch you!” — *crushed by Red Sea*

    From the side of Pharaoh, not only did he repeatedly try to let Moses’ people go he was pretty clearly murdered by God for no good reason. So violations of free will, death, and eternal torture for his troubles.

  • Jeff Hebert

    Agreed, tatarize, that’s the most troubling aspect of the entire affair (which is saying something, given that God murdered thousands of innocent children). What’s even more disturbing is the reason God gives for hardening Pharaoh’s heart — to increase God’s glory so the tale will be told throughout the generations. All of those dead children, all of those slaughtered soldiers and starving Egyptians, all because God wanted to be famous.

    For my money, the whole incident is the most disturbing thing in the Bible (which, again, is really saying something) for exactly the reason you point out. Pharaoh acted not out of his own will, but because God literally forced him to act in that way. It’s an example of God not only standing idly by while evil is committed in his name, but directly causing evil through his own actions.

    This story, which Chick lavishes his ink on, is one of the most profound challenges to the modern Christian notion that God is omnibenevolent.

  • Hari Seldon

    I wonder how some believers can take this story for real. I mean, it is SO theatrical! Lamb’s blood to mark those who are to be saved? Why not kill the non-jew first born children withouth all this silly ritual?

    Another example. Take the death of Jesus: earthquakes, zombies, darkness. Isn’t God a bit over the top on special effects?. Did He enjoy directing this play?

    Or take Jesus’ Ascension to Heaven. He ascended upwards although He knew perfectly well that Heaven is not up in the Sky. Why?. Jesus was acting!

    The whole Bible, Old and New, strikes me as a bad play.

  • Billy

    I followed the link to ‘Chick’ and all I can say is . . .

    Actually, I’m speechless. It does, however, help me understand the origion of some of the things people have said to me. But wow. Scary. And not in a good way.