The new seven deadly sins

The Catholic Church has announced a new updated list of seven deadly sins for the twenty-first century, which are:

1. accumulating obscene wealth
2. polluting the environment
3. genetic engineering
4. drug dealing
5. abortion
6. pedophilia
7. causing social injustice

This has been a topic of discussion on the SKEPTIC mailing list, with many observing that the Catholic Church itself is guilty of several of these new sins. One wag (Barry Williams) observed that transsubstantiation seems a lot like genetic engineering. Another good question is why abortion is on the list, but genocide is not.

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  • Bruce

    1. accumulating obscene wealth Greed. Totally agree.

    2. polluting the environment The world is not your ashtray. Can’t argue with that one.

    3. genetic engineering Don’t understand this one. I thought science was going to cure cancer and keep us alive to 150? Or maybe they are referring to Bush’s “Human-Animal Hybrids”?

    4. drug dealing Are they including alcohol and tobacco in this as well?

    5. abortion No surprises here. Besides, there just aren’t enough unwanted babies in the world.

    6. pedophilia Some jokes just write themselves, don’t they?

    7. causing social injustice In other words, don’t be an asshole. I can live with that.

  • DFB

    I heard this list on NPR the other day and when they said “genetic manipulation” I thought they said “genital manipulation.” I asked my girlfriend whether this wasn’t already a sin. We had a whole conversation about it before we figured out that I had misunderstood.

    We concluded that it must not be a sin any more to manipulate ones genitals; have fun, all.


    How do they define “obscene wealth”? 1 million? 2-million? 10-million? There has to be a threshold, otherwise, who goes to hell who doesn’t?

  • Phillip A. Ellis

    Obscene wealth? I gues that, if you don’t give to “the” church, then any wealth you have is obscene wealth.