“Power Lab” Bible School

While walking around my neighborhood, I noticed a large sign on the lawn of a minister’s house. It said “Power Lab,” with background iconography of an atom and a test tube. But it also said “Discovering Jesus’ Miraculous Power” and “Vacation Bible School.” I googled the lot when I got home. Apparently, you can buy a kit for this in Christian stores. And I noticed a good number of churches, of all sorts of denominations, have web pages up for this as their vacation bible schools.

Fascinating. I don’t know what I should make of it, really. Especially the juxtaposition of science and the miraculous power bit, which apparently is the power to be thankful, help others, etc.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04008838430274720250 badger3k

    Since you mentioned it, these points are the very ones that make me woried:

    “Daily Bible Points are: 1) Jesus gives us the power to be thankful. 2) Jesus gives us the power to help others. 3) Jesus gives us the power to be brave. 4) Jesus gives us the power to live forever. 5) Jesus gives us the power to tell others about God.”

    I didn’t know that it took Jeebus to be thankful, or brave, or want to help others. That’s why the ancient Egyptians are no more – they couldn’t thank anyone, were not brave, and stabbed each other in the back.

    Of course, the “power to live forever” just furthers the delusion, and IMO damages their ability to deal with death and dying.

    Finally, the important part is to make sure that you try to convert your little playmates, assuming that your parents will let you play with the infidels.

    I am also highly skeptical of any science actually being in this, having gone into Christian bookstores looking for TAKS materials. Quite a bit of the “science” section (for homeschooling) was almost straight out of a creationists handbook, and there was no dissenting opinion allowed – nothing critical of the biblical view was found.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07739521720694795021 Stacy

    heres a scary anecdote. My daughter goes to a Catholic Preschool because even as an undercover Atheist, NJ secular preschools are so overpriced i had no choice… but I digress. Anyway, she comes home the other day with a sign up form for the very power lab experience you are speaking of. So these vacation bible camps, that I thought were limited to fundies, are also being schlepped at Catholic schools. the form was so SCARY, I highlighted the GET CRAZY ABOUT JESUS wording in pink highlighter and left it for my husband to skeeve over. Blech.

  • Heidi

    Of course it doesn’t take Jesus to do these things. But as a Christian I do rely on his power through me to do them better then I could without him:-) Also most scientist in times past have been believers in God and many are today. God and science are not at odds:-) I just found this site because I was looking for clip art for my facebook page:-) My kids are going to this VBS next week and I am excited for them. I am not a hater – I did find this interesting and loved reading the comments. Have a great day!