God Is Not Dead Yet

The cover of the latest issue of Christianity Today: God Is Not Dead Yet.
The lead article is by William Craig. He summarizes five key arguments for the existence of God and refers to modern defenders of these arguments. Evangelicals are definitely aware of the New Atheism (Dawkins, Hitchens, etc.). Craig comments briefly on Dawkins, and argues that we are not living in a postmodern culture, and that the popularity of Dawkins’ views on God is evidence of that we are not living in such a culture.

There is also an interesting editorial by the editors that is a hopeful sign about Evangelicals becoming more diverse and less strident in the political sphere. Subtitle of editorial: “Evangelicalism needs to be centered on faith, not politics.” Here is one key point:

  • To rethink our place in the public square and to stop exacerbating the political and cultural polarization of U.S. society. When public perceptions of evangelicalism are created by the harshest and most strident voices, it is important to create an evangelical culture of civility.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08964658430856685576 Yoo

    Doesn’t something need to be born first in order to die? It’s hard for something that never existed in the first place to be dead …

    And I might be misrepresenting Craig’s arguments, but they sounded awfully like ones postmodernists use with the use of ambiguity and hand waving.