Booze, sex, godlessness

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is putting up billboards saying things like “Keep Religion OUT of Politics” and “Imagine No Religion.”

Interestingly, a news story about this mentions that

The five sites chosen by the organization were changed after CBS Outdoor said they had to be 1,000 feet from any schools or churches

A sort of requirement that I’d expect to be applied to liquor stores and adult bookstores.

Mind you, if godlessness was as attractive to people as booze and sex, FFRF wouldn’t have to put their billboards up…

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  • Jim Lippard

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  • Jim Lippard

    These Phoenix billboards were a joint effort with FFRF organized by the Phoenix Atheists Meetup group with the assistance of the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix and a variety of other Meetup groups.

    In addition to the Arizona Republic story you link to, several of the local TV news stations ran stories on the billboards yesterday–before the billboards have gone up and before FFRF even issued press releases.

    I was the local member of the FFRF and Phoenix Atheists Meetup Group interviewed by a couple of the TV channels, and they’ve put the stories online. I’ve got links here.