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Palestinians are in serious trouble. For decades, they mostly had to worry about the madness due to two monotheisms. Jews thought the land was holy, and Palestinians’ own predominant monotheism, Islam, also insisted it was sacred. Nowadays conservative Christian fanatics in the US are also in on the act. According to Jack Chick, God punishes the United States with catastrophic weather whenever we are insufficiently enthusiastic about oppressing Palestinians.


Lessing’s Broad Ditch and Brad’s Lesser Ditch
Interview with Prof. Axgrind
Jesus on Faith – Part 6
ISIS Violence IS Religious
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Professor of physics at Truman State University

  • Keith Parsons

    If I ever started believing in God again (highly unlikely)I would not believe in the Cosmic Ogre fundamentalists worship. I have a hard time seeing the appeal of an all-powerful homicidal maniac. The creepiest episode of the old Twilight Zone series was the one with the omnipotent six-year old who would “send you to the corn field” if you thought bad thoughts. The fundamentalists worship such a being. Why? Maybe they are trying to soothe and flatter their horrible God, as you would any tyrant, so they will not be “sent to the corn field” themselves. I don’t think this is it, though. I have yet to meet a fundamentalist who took seriously the possiblity that HE might be going to hell. Hell is always for those other people–like liberals, atheists, evolutionists, Democrats, and gays–not for you and your friends. Neither can I take the cheap shot and say that mean, self-righteous, and bigoted people naturally have a mean, self-righteous, and bigoted God. Some of the best, warmest, most generous, and kindest people I have known are fundamentalists. In real life these people would not torture a worm, but they worship a God whom, they believe, will torture untold myriads of human beings in hell forever. When I come across facts like this, I am tempted to throw up my hands and declare with Hume that the whole thing “a riddle, an enigma, an inexplicable mystery.”

  • norm101

    As a child I was forced to pass out Mr. Chick’s tracts.

    I spent my youth abusing myself for any ill-thought or “sin” for my hope was that I could appease God with my own punishments.

    I drove away any friends. I was isolated and terrified. These are the most horrid of vile lies. They are hatred, pure and concise, and unashamedly so.

    This is just another of his bilious regurgitation.

    Luckily, I was saved. I realized he’s just an evil little moron preaching some ignorant drivel. I no longer believ in any of his filth, and I am SO much happier for it!

    He can count me as one of his failures. I went the other way and see him and his teachings as the nonsense that they are.

  • R

    Scary …

  • Keith Parsons

    “Evil little moron preaching some ignorant drivel” sums it up pretty well, norm 101. Jeez, how old is Jack Chick now, anyway? I first encountered the Chick “comics” when, at age 18, I was (briefly) caught up in the “Jesus movement”–ex-hippies who had “found God”–in the very early ’70′s. Even then, when I was experimenting with fundamentalism myself, the Chick stuff looked pretty crude. They all seemed to involve some nefarious indivdual, like a campus radical, who died unrepentant and was dragged before the throne of God for judgment. A literally faceless God would then consign him to the lake of fire forever. Actually, I guess I should thank Jack Chick because his vicious, twisted little doodles prompted me to have doubts about eternal punishment, and these doubts snowballed. So, Mr. Chick, here is one reader you helped prod towards atheism! By the way, National Lampoon in its heyday did an issue on religion that had a wickedly hilarious parody of the Chick tracks. It was called “Head Shop, or Dead Shop?” and, of course, had the head shop owner and his customers carted off to hell in the end. If you can find it, it will be worth your time.

  • norm101

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • norm101

    I will have to find that. Sounds cute.

    I was one of those kids that was forced to preach to my schoolmates. It was a numbers game. I was instructed on how to get them into the house, how to introduce them to the tracts, read them together, scare the living crap out of them all so they’d “convert” and take Jesus into their hearts.

    A friend of mine was molested and murdered a few doors down from me and they used this as a launching board to try and get their numbers up. They’d hold Bible studies and pass out the tracts and leave them on buses and laundromats, etc. basically, death is everywhere, evil is lurking and raping and killing our kids and you’re to blame because you are a sinner…

    Got so bad that someone firebombed our van… No joke.

    This was in Boston too. Not some podunk town in the Bible Belt.

    I’m in my 30s now and I directly credit many of my problems to Jack. I too became an atheist because of all of that. Too much hatred, violence, fear, pain and punishment.

    The church we belonged to died, thankfully. The hardcore tactics killed them. But damage was done.

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