Evil Atheist Parsons Exposed!

If you want all the dirt on that evil atheist Keith Parsons you should check here:


The author of this blog has decided to smite me in the name of the Lord for some comments I made in a debate with William Lane Craig ten years ago. Here, you will learn that in my remarks I committed numerous fallacies, though, curiously, the author fails to identify any. You also learn that I think that people who commit heinous crimes should not be punished. Curiously, again, though, there is nothing in my quoted remarks that states or implies this. Surely, though, I must have stated or implied these things, for the author certainly would not have borne false witness against me. Actually, I might be able to reassure the author. He says that he certainly hopes that he has misunderstood my worldview. He also says that he hopes he is mischaracterizing and misapplying my statements. Perhaps the author will allow me to assure him that these hopes are abundantly fulfilled.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14479224236264150172 WAR_ON_ERROR

    Somehow I doubt the author is reassured. ;)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11983601793874190779 Steven Carr

    Hitler shot himself, as the country he loved lay in ruins around him.

    Here is the authors take on somebody who shot himself -

    ‘What I meant is that on the atheist view the evil and suffering wrought by Hitler and Stalin were very purposeful and beneficial—for Hitler and Stalin. The evil and suffering that they caused served to cause them pleasure and this is the ultimate purpose—the evildoers got to enjoy themselves. Understand that on the atheist view they committed their actions and will not suffer divine retribution. As long as they escaped the judicious systems of the temporal world, they got away with it.’

    Yes , although at first sight, in the real world Hitler committed suicide in despair, in the Christian world Hitler got away with his evil, and really got a lot of pleasure out of shooting himself.