Christianity (warning: may be offensive to Christians)

I thought this funny, but I should warn readers that this image may be offensive to some readers. Click here if you are curious.

Swinburne’s Argument from Religious Experience – Part 2
Lessing’s Broad Ditch and Brad’s Lesser Ditch
Interview with Prof. Axgrind
ISIS Violence IS Religious
About Jeffery Jay Lowder

Jeffery Jay Lowder is President Emeritus of Internet Infidels, Inc., which he co-founded in 1995. He is also co-editor of the book, The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave.

  • Hydra

    Bah, that wasn’t so bad. I was expecting the infamous zombie Last Supper or something.

    Anyway, the Christians retaliated and now there is an atheist version of that too. :P

  • Tatarize

    I wouldn’t call the various atheists versions of that “retaliation” as they are all pretty stupid and gladly inspire long retorts about how you can’t argue with a mountain of evidence here and there.

  • R

    I like it, as it shows the many mythological elements present in christianity: a talking snake, a magical tree, eating the body and drinking the blood of a saviour (and according to christianity, this is not even a metaphor, it’s the real thing).

    There is a also a talking donkey somewhere. But the one I like best is Jesus transferring demons from a man to some very unfortunate pigs (that became mad and jumped into the sea).

  • Humanist.Observer

    Isn’t that photo from Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ? Maybe the description of Christianity they would find offensive?

  • Ethylene

    Hey. The caption is funny but the picture isn’t exactly amusing. Doesn’t seem very tasteful of them to caption a depiction of torture with a joke.

  • Ander

    Hey, it makes sense to me… But then, I also believe I’m married to Jessica Biel.

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