John Loftus’s Review of the Apologetics Conference

Over at Debunking Christianity, John Loftus describes his experience in attending the Apologetics Conference put on by the Evangelical Philosophical Society:

About Jeffery Jay Lowder

Jeffery Jay Lowder is President Emeritus of Internet Infidels, Inc., which he co-founded in 1995. He is also co-editor of the book, The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave.

  • Andrew

    The trouble with a report from Loftus is that it is hard to take seriously.

    After all, he admits in his book that he lied to his congregation, his wife, his cousin, his friends, and is known to lie when he thinks it will help his arguments.

    The most glaring example is the fake blog about JP Holding which he tried to pass off as legit until caught. (Not that Holding is not a jerk himself, but that does not excuse lying.)

    Is he giving a fair account?

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    At this point, it doesn’t matter. The guy is too much to take seriously anymore.

    Sorry, but thats just the way I feel about it.

  • John W. Loftus

    FYI: Andrew goes by several different names and has been banned from my blog and a few others that I know of for being a Blog terrorist after the likes of Frank Walton. He has promised to dog my steps for years and negatively comments on most every positive review of my book as KC_James. He’ll probably deny this.

    They say you can know how famous a person is by how many stalkers he has. Well, I have at least one!

    Wooo Hooo!

    Andrew has never once attempted to actually deal with any argument of mine. Andrew thinks the best way to defend the truth is by a pack of lies. Isn’t that interesting? Why is that?

  • Andrew

    Q.E.D., John.

    Looks like YOU are the one following ME around the internet.

    I made a number of your posts clearly refuting some of your arguments and you got extremely angry, deleted my posts, and started smearing and libeling me (i.e., calling me a “terrorist”) as you do here.

    I don’t care anymore what you say.

    Let others judge.

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