Another faith-based US administration

Before the US elections in 2008, I complained about the Democrats, and grumbled that throwing the Republicans out was looking like it would not improve the prospects for church-state separation too much.

So far, events seem to bear me out. In some respects, we have yet another faith-based administration. Yes, informal entanglements with religion have always existed in American politics and government. But this administration is pushing beyond this. The Democrats, as always, are at best Republican-lite, and often just as bad as them.

It’s a relief to have an administration with fewer fascist tendencies, and a more positive attitude toward science. But weighed narrowly, on secularist concerns alone, it looks like this administration is not going to be a large improvement over the last.

About Taner Edis

Professor of physics at Truman State University

  • vjack

    I tend to agree, although I do certainly see the shift toward greater acceptance of science as a good thing. Progress, but we’re not there yet.

  • George

    This country (USA ) was founded on double standards slave owners who wanted to be free. Amazing grace one of the most popular hymns ever written was written by John Newton in 1773 who was a successful captain of a slave-ship. Christianity and slavery had a long successful and profitable relationship.Anyway slavery is ordained in the bible itself. The irony of the hymn and your current political situation is very strong indeed. If Obama´s father had been born in the US then his own great grandparents could have been bought and sold as property. Suprisingly Adam and Eve feature in the natural history museum in New York the sponsors seem to be creationists. Obama will serve his corporate pay masters please do not have high expectations. Qouting Oscar Wilde : America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.

  • Indian

    Hello, I am a Hindu ( did you know that it can accomodate atheism also? ). I happened to find your site and impressed with material here. We have a huge problem in India. Eating at the core of our society is intolerant Islamic Terrorism and Missionary Terrorism. These two abrahmic brothers are in a bitter fight to dominate India where majority is Hindu ( 70% ) but it’s only in numbers, not in terms of power, influence etc., Since last 10 years Hindu institutions have been systematically attacked. This is funded by Western churches and Arab Wahabbis. Both Islam and Christianity are trying to gain converts to their fold. Hindus are mild, peaceful and are unable to bear their ideology and onslaught. Please refer to my site once

    thank you,
    May Truth Prevail

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