New Chick Tract

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  • Apashiol

    Looks like the guy has been stealing from Phillip Pullman.
    The sin falling down seems remarkably like Dust.

  • PersonalFailure

    “My IPOD?!”

  • atimetorend

    Yuck, I would not like to meet Mr. Chick in person.

    The girl’s effort to think critically started and ended with her rhetorical, “You’re kidding, right?” which she gave up by the next frame. Too bad.

  • UNRR

    Back when i was a kid I use to love reading Chick tracts — interesting little comic books with a twist. Even now as an atheist, I can appreciate Chick's propaganda ability. Look how he works in his condemnation of Catholicism, Judaism & Islam, and pretends that his version of religion isn't actually a religion, just plain truth. It might seem crude to the more educated, but I'd be willing to bet those things have an impact on many people who read them.

  • Dan Gilbert

    It really looks like one of the guys in the group of pastors (about halfway down, I think) is a really close match to Rick Warren. LOL!