Atheism and Naturalism

Nicholas Covington asked me to review his new book, Atheism and Naturalism.

So I’ll give it a mention. It seems interesting enough. Most of the material is based on the sort of exchanges familiar from debates on various Internet venues concerning atheism and the Christian version of theism. There’s also some wandering over familiar territory from the philosophy of religion. If you enjoy Internet-style wrangling over religion, you may like the book.

That said, I’m probably not the best person to review the book. I’m ambivalent about the type of debate that goes on in electronic environments. It’s freewheeling, but it also lacks quality control and tends to promote a logic-chopping kind of style. And I’m more than ambivalent about the philosophy of religion: I’m largely against it. I think of naturalism not as some kind of alternative metaphysical position or a viewpoint in the philosophy of religion, but as an approach that promises to get us out of that rut.

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