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  • PersonalFailure

    I think I was just involved in a racial incident.

  • atimetorend

    As a Christian, I was embarrassed by Chick tracts, by their arrogant attitudes and simplistic, unnuanced messages. As a deconvert, I was more angry with them, my kids have the opportunity to read them sometimes, and I need to undo what the learn about hell.

    Funny thing, reading the It’s a Deal tract, I realized that in part it’s not a bad message, selling your “soul” for fame or money is not a good thing. It’s taking that message and making it literal and manipulating readers with fear that is the problem.

    That said, I still hate chick tracts.

  • UNRR

    I used to love them when I was a kid. As an atheist I find them much more disturbing, as I think they are pretty effective at giving kids some warped ideas.

  • UNRR

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  • Twain

    I first encountered Jack Chick at an airport when I was an eleven year-old rationalist. I hadn't thought much about hell, but he gave me nightmares.

    I encountered my second Chick track when I was a married soft-shell Christian. It depicted a missionary who built hospitals going to Hell while a born again murderer went to Heaven. It increased the cognitive dissonance I was feeling between what I was able to believe and what the people around me believed.

    I encountered my third Chick track after my divorce. It was called, I think "The Cookie" and it was hilarious in Chick's depiction of WASP Jesus pot of blood calling the Catholic kettle of wafers black.

    I was looking for more amusement when I found this website, but after reading the comments, I feel Chick maybe a far more negative and foul influence than I had suspected.

    Can anyone recommend any of these Chick posts as being genuinely funny? Or would it be like reading one of L Ron Hubbard's post-mortem works?

  • Keith Parsons

    For a blessedly brief period when I was very young and my brain was still underdeveloped, I was a fundamentalist Christian. Visceral disgust at Jack Chick's tracts were key to pushing me out of the fold. I definitely did not want to be a member of any club that had someone like Chick in it. It would be great to know how many people have been pushed towards atheism by his vicious,hideous, mindless little scribbles.

  • NightGoblin

    So, in the end we learn that witchcraft works, and selling your soul to the Devil is more effective than praying: at least the fella did exactly as he said.