Stained glass

I was in Europe earlier this month, adding to the list of Gothic cathedrals I’ve visited. I like the stained glass windows the best. Here is a small sample: a window from Chartres, a detail from Bourges, and a single pane from Bern:

You’ll notice I especially like the hell or judgment themed ones. Most windows are more pedestrian; I like more of an element of the fantastic. And even if hell, devils, and the day of judgment are damnable doctrines, they’re pretty good for fantastic and fearsome art.

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  • PersonalFailure

    What I miss about Catholicism is the stained glass and the ceremony and the incense, but mostly the stained glass.

  • CyberKitten

    Catholic churches rock!

  • Sleeprunning

    …catholick churches were tools of control and subjugation…fear is the main marketing tool of the religion…y pretend otherwise?